Peppercorn 2021 – Update

I regret to inform you that the Peppercorn Ceremony which was scheduled to take place on 21st April 2021 has had to be postponed due to the current “Stay at Home” regulations which have meant all public gatherings have been cancelled. We hope to go ahead with the Ceremony in its usual form later in the year.

Peppercorn 2021

UPDATE – Peppercorn Ceremony 2021.
Unfortunately due to the updated COVID19 regulations in place in Bermuda, the Peppercorn Ceremony 2021 will be a “closed” ceremony with no visitors.
The Ceremony, and the first official State Visit of Her Excellency the Governor, will go ahead at the traditional time and date on Wednesday 21st April 2021 at the Town Hall, St George’s following all COVID protocols.

Information for Peppercorn Bicentenary

Information for Peppercorn Bicentenary

As you will be aware we are rapidly approaching Peppercorn 2016 the Bi Centennial of the Peppercorn Ceremony. Lodge St George will be hosting a week long schedule of events celebrating the 200th year of the Peppercorn as well as a visit by the Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason of Scotland Bro. Charles Iain Robert Wolrige Gordon of Esslemont.

Schedule of events is as follows:

Sunday 17th April – daytime – Royal Arch Cork Degree to be performed on the Spirit of Bermuda (Open to all Scottish RA Masons who have completed the Mark Degree and Excellent Master. Please contact Bro John Woolgar at  )
Sunday 17th April – evening – Cocktail reception and welcome get together at Docksider Restaurant Front Street
Monday 18th April – daytime – tours of Lodge Buildings (including the Old State House) in Bermuda each with its own special history
Monday 18th April – evening – Installation Meeting of the Broad Arrow Lodge #1890 UGLE
Tuesday 19th April – evening – Composite Meeting of the three Grand Lodge of Scotland Lodges in Bermuda. Hosted by Lodge St George at Somers Isles Lodge, Hog Bay Level, Sandys.
Wednesday 20th April –  Tyling at 0900hrs, the Peppercorn Ceremony followed by the Mayors Garden Party and lunch at Tempest Restaurant in the Town of St George – PARKING at Penno’s Wharf on the waterside!
Thursday 21st April – daytime – Charity Golf Tournament, Port Royal Course.
Friday 22nd April – evening – Gala banquet at Grotto Bay Hotel Poolside Terrace

Tickets are required for most of these events. Most importantly the Festive Board following the Composite Meeting and the Lunch at Tempest Restaurant after the Peppercorn Ceremony.

In order to purchase your tickets please go to Premier Tickets website using the below private link or contact our Junior Warden Bro. Shannon Trott at (441) 717-2152 or


There are likely to be issues with parking at the Composite Meeting at Somers Isles and at the Peppercorn itself. Please consider sharing a ride to the Composite meeting.

The parking for all Masons at the Peppercorn Ceremony will be on the waterside at Penno’s Wharf, entry from Tiger Bay. If you will have people in your vehicle with mobility issues please contact Bro. Martin Weekes at (441) 717-0516 or to obtain a pass to allow parking closer to the Lodge.

Bro. Moises Gomez Lecture

Bro. Moises Gomez Lecture

Lodge St. George is welcoming Bro. Moises Gomez, the Right Worshipful Grand Historian of the Grand Lodge of New Jersey to Bermuda. We are honoured to have him provide a lecture to the Brethren in attendance at the Annual Composite Meeting of the Scottish Constitution Lodges of Bermuda on April 19, 2016. He will be speaking on Remembrance: A 9/11 Experience – Volunteerism and the American Spirit.

Bro. Moises is a 26 year veteran of the Port Authority’s Emergency Service Unit and was among the first responders at the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. We invite all Brethren to join us as we listen to his unforgettable account of of the heroism and hope that transcended the barbaric attacks of that day.

First Sponsor!

First Sponsor!

Coordinating an event like The Bermuda Peppercorn Ceremony takes many hands to make the job go as smoothly as possible. We are fortunate to have many people involved. Since this year is such a momentous occasion, it being the 200th anniversary, we are seeking donors to help us to maintain The Old State House. It is the oldest stone building in Bermuda, dating back to 1620. There is a great deal of history in the building for all of Bermuda to enjoy and take pride in.

We would like to thank our first sponsor, LG Drywall, for their very generous donation to The Old State House Preservation Society. The OSHPS is the charitable organization, which raises funds to help pay for the upkeep of the building, which Lodge St. George has called home for 200 years now. With this first sponsorship we hope that many others will follow suit to help make sure that this grand old building is taken care of properly.

Bi-Centennial Collectables

Bi-Centennial Collectables

We’ve been working with our friends at Millennium Mark in the UK to celebrate 200 years of the Peppercorn Ceremony. They’ve been kind enough to create three custom pieces that we are providing for sale. Please look at the items that we have in our catalogue.

Peppercorn 2016 jewel

The jewel is a standard sized jewel with fully enameled front and a plain metal back suitable for engraving. The ribbon is sky blue representing the colour of the regalia worn by Lodge St George.

Peppercorn-2016-coin-frontThe coin is fully enameled front and back with both the Peppercorn design showing the Olde State House in gold and on the reverse the logo of Lodge St George and patron saint of the Town of St George in act of slaying the dragon. The background is a sky blue representing the colour of the regalia worn by Lodge St George.

Peppercorn-2016-token-frontThe Token is weathered bronze and is based on the highly collectible “Mark” tokens given to members on achieving the Mark Master Mason degree. The Peppercorn design showing the Olde State House is on the front and on the reverse the logo of Lodge St George and patron saint of the Town of St George in act of slaying the dragon.


The Old State House print is a limited edition print of a watercolour of the building commissioned by the Old State House Preservation Society. The print is a limited edition of 200 and measures 10” by 14” printed on quality matte paper.

All proceeds from the sale of each item will help support The Old State House Preservation Society (Bermuda Registered Charity #576) who are responsible for the upkeep of the historic Old State House, Bermuda’s oldest stone building dating to 1620.

These items will be produced in limited quantities. Please order early to avoid disappointment.